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Tall Scholarships, Music Scholarships, and Zombie Scholarships, Oh My!

By Amira Alexander, College Adviser at James Kenan High School | January 20, 2017

Are you an anxious parent, worried about applying and paying for your student’s college education? Or are you an over-prepared junior eagerly seeking out free money for your future endeavors? Boy, do I have some clues for you. There are many websites and portals which list numerous amounts of organizations that provide free money to high school students. You may have run across them from time to time. Here are a couple from my repertoire:


And there are a ton more. But the question lies in how to adequately sift through the mountains of scholarships you find online (or in your local County Department of Education) and apply to the ones made just for you.

Parents and students alike can finally breathe with ease with the handy dandy Scholarship Organizer! Click below to view!

This wonderful pdf, created by FreSch!, is a free tool to help you gather all of your scholarship searches in one place. If you are a junior in high school, I’d highly recommend you take one Saturday afternoon and go to your local library with your favorite pen in tow, water bottle to quench your thirst and prepare to dive into your first, serious scholarship search.

If you’re a senior, it’s not too late! Be mindful of due dates! There are still a number of scholarships available to apply to but their due dates may be fast approaching. If you didn’t know, the spring months are usually when local scholarships become available. And by local, I mean, local businesses, local greek organizations, or local banks. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these institutions and discover what kind of money they will be giving out. This organizer has everything you need- date the scholarship is due, items required, and even a section to add notes for yourself. I can promise you, this will erase at least one of your many headaches of the last couple of years of your high school career. And if you happen to run across some scholarships that you would like to check their validity or ever get confused with an application-ask for help! I am sure your local high school counselor can assist you. If not, feel free to email one of the many College Advisers with the College Advising Corps, and we will be sure to answer (or find answer) any and all of your questions to the best of our abilities! Happy Scholarship hunting!

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