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The Value of Meeting in Person…

Mount Olive college rep meets with a Southern Wayne student

By Kayli Richter, College Adviser at Southern Wayne High School | October 5, 2016

How do you show students their opportunities? Applying to college is a stressful, confusing and complicated process. But how do you even learn about your options, about what college is, and about what is out there for YOU? How can we make college a tangible goal for all students? In an effort to raise awareness on college, the College Advising Corps promotes the development of a college-going culture in high schools. One way to raise awareness on college and to get students to learn more about their options is inviting college representatives to our high schools. Although research online may be a great starting point to learning more about higher education, the ability for students to interact directly with admissions representatives gives them the opportunity to ask questions and make more concrete impressions. The information they receive on schools can be catered to their particular interests and needs. They can express concerns and receive direct solutions something they wouldn’t be able to do just by looking at a computer screen. In a recent event, a representative from the University of Mount Olive captured the attention of students at Southern Wayne High School. Students received general admissions information which got them thinking about their GPAs and the need to work hard in their classes. They also gained insight as to which programs at the schools might fit their career goals. Making the college exploration process convenient for students is key to sparking interest and thoughts about the future. The table with the University of Mount Olive logo attracted a number of students who previously may not have considered or even known about the school. No matter how far along students are in the planning process, the presence of a college representative seems to get them thinking about the next step.

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