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ENDrollment Process: Climbing The Steps Towards Your Journey

By Riketta Norfleet, College Adviser at Plymouth High School | April 14, 2017

Going into the month of April is considered crunch-time for our seniors who are less than two months away from graduation. April can include so many different things for our students;  such as Spring Break, finishing up their Senior Projects, preparing for prom and tackling those last courses to secure their spot for graduation. Even though these events are vital to the last moments of the senior year, April is also the month where college-bound students should be focusing on the steps of their college enrollment process. When beginning the process to attend college, whether it’s a 4-year university or a community college, students may start with their own thought process of wanting to further their education following high school or they are influenced by different factors/people in their life. Either way, this process is instantly fulfilled by the student completing an application and understanding that this journey begins once they press that send button. It is easy for students to believe that this may be the end of their journey However, the steps to matriculate into a college are more complex than just [apply, submit, the end].

The role of a College Adviser is crucial to the college process for our students. Leading up to this point, we have worked 1:1 with our students on creating a college plan, utilized the College Match & Best Fit model to find the best schools, assisted with scholarships and introduced them to one of the best resources to help pay for their education; FAFSA. Therefore, as this journey starts to come to an end, we as College Advisers must advise and assist our students and educate parents on the following steps to successfully enroll into college:

  1. Complete the FAFSA
  2. Narrow down top 3-5 choices of colleges
  3. Ensure that top colleges are listed on FAFSA
  4. Complete FAFSA verification process and submit necessary documents (If the student was selected for verification)
  5. Analyze award letters from top choices of colleges
  6. Select college based on preferential factors (e.g. location, campus size, affordability, graduation rate, availability of program or major, etc.)
  7. Set-up student portal and submit intent to enroll
  8. Register for placement test  (Community college students only)
  9. Accept award letter (Please note community college award letters will be not be awarded until later in the process)
  10. Submit nonrefundable freshman enrollment deposit
  11. Complete the residence hall housing contract and submit the housing application fee
  12. Select meal plan option
  13. Register for New Student Orientation
  14. Submit the Student Medical/Health History Form and Proof of Immunization
  15. Waive or Accept Student Health Insurance
  16. Review account on student portal
  17. Register for a parking permit (Community college students or if university allows freshmen to have vehicles the first year)
  18. Send final transcript
  19. Attend New Student Orientation
  20. Register for classes
  21. Pay for tuition and fee (Pay any balance not covered by award offered in the financial aid package)

When viewing this list initially, it is common for one to become overwhelmed with the many steps it would take to enroll into a college. More-so, it is rare that a College Adviser will witness a student not becoming discouraged during this process. However, in our role, it is important for us to effectively communicate first-hand to our students that this journey is more complex than just [apply, submit, the end]. With a College Adviser by their side, this journey to college will become less complex for the students as they climb those necessary steps to successfully complete their ENDrollment process.

The journey is yours! Are you willing to take the steps?

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