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WolfCAC Alumni

The NC State College Advising Corps recruits recent college graduates across academic disciplines and interests. The two years of service are transformative for advisers, shaping the way they view education across North Carolina and our nation. College advisers emerge from their two years of service as leaders in their career fields committed to equity and social justice.

Alumni Spotlights

Chelsey Fountain

“My favorite memory… It is a tie between Decision Day or ‘May Day 2018’ and when my DACA senior got two full-tuition scholarships (Golden Door and Dream.US) last year!”

Sable White

“[My experience] taught me to be patient with people, and to not be afraid to try new adventures…I always believed in my students. In Return, I started to believe in myself! I wouldn’t give away my year of advising for anything, I still use techniques and strategies from getting students to talk to me, but now it is with customers for my company.”

Rasheed Mohammed

“The biggest wisdom I will share with new advisers is to never underestimate the impact that you can have on others. At the same time, be open to allowing others to have this same impact on you. As an adviser, we don’t have superpowers, but we do have the power to listen and give people hope.”