Extending educational opportunities to all North Carolina students

Perquimans County High School has slowly been bringing students back to campus for classes, club meetings, and other in-person events as vaccinations rise and COVID case counts shrink.

Some of these in-person events include scholarship interviews. We feel so lucky to have lots of local scholarships - so far this year, our seniors have collected almost $150,000 in local scholarship money alone!

I love the strong sense of community here!

Hey, everyone! My name is Kelly Crabtree, and I'm taking over the WolfCAC Instagram this week!

I am currently a second year adviser at Perquimans County High School in Hertford, NC. Here's a pic of me in Hertford on a very cold day in May of last year!

I can't wait to show you what we're up to in beautiful northeastern North Carolina.

We are still accepting applications for our College Adviser positions!

If you're interested or know of a recent college grad interested in a service based position for 2 years, check out the link in our bio for more info!

Why do we exist? Our K-12 partners tell you why in this video! Check it out!

Interested in making an impact as a College Adviser, check out the link in our bio!

Hi there! My name is Sierra Dixon, and I am a first year college adviser at North Duplin Jr./Sr. High School in Mount Olive, NC. Mount Olive is home to the renowned Mt. Olive Pickle Company and the University of Mount Olive. This week, I will share with you a walk in my day-to-day as a college adviser! ...

Happy Friday!!
Spring Cleaning has started a little early this month in Ms. Anderson’s office. This week, I have made it a priority to get this table organized. As students come into the classroom, I love to keep this table updated with college tips and information for students. Throughout the week, I have managed to bring some new things into the office and get organized!

Happy Wednesday, it’s Tia!
I am a proud alumna of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I graduated in May of 2020 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

My college experience was definitely rewarding in many ways. During college, I was an active member within NSCS and Phi Alpha Honor Society. Through this experience, I met a lot of new people and collaborated with those within the community. My college experience has truly impacted the way I advise students but also support students as they prepare for life after high school. As college adviser, I am committed to being a resource within the school that allows students to feel comfortable applying and attending college.

Good Morning! My name is Tia Anderson, First-Year Adviser serving Bunn High School in Franklin County, NC. Throughout the week, I will be sharing my experience as a college adviser and all the great work we do for our students. ...

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