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Exposure is KEY!

By Ariana Parker, College Adviser at Creswell High School | October 19, 2016

As an adviser, we help our students narrow down and choose the college that fits them most based on various factors. Is the campus too big for me? Too small? Do they provide the resources I need to succeed? So many factors must be considered which is why campus visits are one of the most beneficial things a student should do in the journey to decision day. The student gets a first-hand view of what the college life looks like as well as answers to all their questions. There’s nothing like actually being inside a dorm room, walking around the most popular parts of campus, and taking a seat in a lecture hall. The experience gives you so much more insight into the life of a college student.

Campus visits can also expose our students to a new idea. For example, my students are located in a very rural environment with the closest university located a little over an hour away. This university is the only institution most of my students are familiar with and even then have never visited. Taking a campus tour and providing an experience away from home or even at the nearest college can sometimes encourage that student to apply. The experience can welcome the idea of college into their future. Exposure is key!

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